Alabama WMU
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Baptist Nursing Fellowship

We are a Christian professional fellowship for nurses, nursing students, other medical professionals and friends who share common goals and purposes.
Alabama BNF
  • Provides its' members with Christian professional fellowship
  • Promotes professional continuing education through regional CEU events
  • Enables spiritual and professional renewal at an annual retreat
  • Encourages its members to use their specialized skills in mission endeavors
  • Engages its' members in community action using their professional and spiritual skills
  • Equips RNs to be Parish Nurses in their church and community       


Norma Underwood Scholarship
The Norma Underwood Scholarship was established by Alabama Baptist Nursing Fellowship members to her honor as an outstanding ministry example. For details, applicant criteria, and an application, see the Norma Underwood Scholarship page. 

 BNF Membership 
Renew your Alabama BNF membership for 2018.
Annual Dues: $30.00

Discounted Rate: $25.00 (when paid at the retreat)

For more information, please call Kathryn Helms at 800-264-1225 ext. 325 or email