Alabama WMU
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Staff and Volunteers

Alabama WMU Staff
To contact a member of the Alabama WMU staff, e-mail or call 800.264.1225 and request the extension listed.

Candace McIntosh  

Executive Director

 ext. 222

Pat Ingram

Missions & Ministry Consultant, 
Women on Mission, Women's Ministry,
WMU, training 

 ext. 292

Malory Ford

Missions & Ministry Consultant,
Students and Young Women

 ext. 224

Hope Stephens

Missions & Ministry Consultant,
Children; Missions Adventure Camp Director 
 ext. 278 

Kaley Stephens

Missions Adventure Camp Program and Activities Director

Brittney Gardner

Communications Specialist

 ext. 341 

Kathryn Helms

Lead Ministry Assistant

 ext. 325

Cindy Wilson

Assistant to the Executive Director

 ext. 225 


Dawn Watkins 

Part-time Ministry Assistant

 ext. 226

Crystal Akers

Ministry Assistant

 ext. 223

John Jayroe

WorldSong Camp Administrator 


Erica Jayroe 

WorldSong Office Manager


Janella Martinez 

Digital Media Specialist 

 ext. 338

Linda Henry

Volunteer Alabama CWJC/CMJC Coordinator