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Friday, July 29, 2016
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Myers-Mallory State Missions Offering
Make sure the Week of Prayer for State Missions is on your Church calendar! For more information and to order promotional materials, click here. ...More
Missions Adventure Camp
Send your children this summer to WorldSong MIssions Adventure Camp! They will experience a unique focus on missions, challenging adventures and so much more!...More

Leadership Training and enrichment for all church and associational WMU leaders. We will also have opportunities for break-out sessions and a State Missions Fair!  ....More

Emerging Leaders
Designed to enhance and develop the leadership skills and abilitites of girls completing grades 9-12.  This training will take place at Shocco SPrings on July 22-23 in conjunction with our Equip conference. Find out more on how to appy!.....More 

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